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Two things that every guitar student needs: Fun and motivation are on top of the list of course material by werdemusiker.

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Hannes Knechtges is a very successful musician - he lives his dream and he is music. He already did a couple of hundert live gigs : including winning music competitions with his famous band LENDGOLD, gigs in the VELTINS Arena and LANXESS Arena, both in Germany. The guitarist, frontman and guitar teacher knows the studios of the super popular and successful artists. Some of his songs and records were produced in the Abbey Roads studios. And he is also familiar with a lot of well-known studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles. 

Experience guitar lessons with really exciting and new influences from the live of a musician. But Hannes will always be at your side and here when you need support. You have a question, a problem or feedback? Just write an email to your favorite guitar teacher. 

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Very extensive collection of english English-speaking guitar learn videos

At werdemusiker you get a very extensive collection of English-speaking music learning videos. We have course Material to all imaginable areas and topics of music lessons. And everything you need to play your favorite songs: chords, rhythm exercises, ear training, tabs, notes, harmony, tips regarding the instrument, how to set your amp and much more...

Nothing compares to the courses

It's never or always the right time to start learn to play guitar. Fulfill your dream now and start with your first beautiful sounding guitar sounds.